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Riverdale Art Show
This Year's
32nd Annual
Riverdale Art Show
and Sale Date TBA

Getting to St Barnabas
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Riverdale Art Show

The Riverdale Art Show and Sale is held at St. Barnabas annually in mid-October. The 2020 Show and Sale has been postponed. Date TBA. See artwork and artists from shows at St. Barnabas here: 2019 » | 2018 » | 2017 » | 2016 » | 2015 » | 2014 » | 2013 » | 2012 » | 2011 »


The 23rd annual Artshow and sale of the beautiful creations of our neigbourhood artists! Admission isfree - open to the public

  • Friday Oct 21, 2011
    Reception with artists in attendance
  • Saturday, 22 October, 2011
  • The show celebrated its 23rd year with an abundance of talented local artists, producing one of a kind original works in watercolour, oil and acrylic painting, photography and sculpture. A portion of all sales was donated to support the great work of St. Barnabas Church through the coming year.
  • At the church - map » Please enter from the Hampton Avenue entrance.
  • For further information please contact Neville Reid at 416-424-2190 or email »

Riverdale Art Show 2009Riverdale Artshow 2009
Oil painting "Dancing Baby" by Jennifer Reid [ right]. See larger view here » and Jennifer's website here »

Riverdale Artshow 2008

Busy parishioner finds time to run annual Artshow

from The Anglican / Diocese of Toronto / October 2008

FOR Jenny Reid, volunteering is a joy that brings its own rewards. A parishioner at St. Barnabas, Toronto, since 1979, Ms. Reid is a member of the church choir, coordinator of the church bazaar, a member of the parish advisory board – and she helps with the church flowers. Her most significant, and most demanding, volunteer job, however, has been running the Riverdale Artshow for the past 20 years. Ms. Reid recalls that it all began in 1989, when the church needed some new ideas for fundraising. At the time, she was a nurse raising four children, renovating an old Riverdale house with her husband Neville, and painting watercolours in her spare time. She suggested opening the parish hall for an Artshow and sale for local artists. “The church, like all churches, was short of warm bodies and this was something simple,” she says. As an artist herself, she understood that artists typically are nervous about selling their work and, unless they have signed on with a gallery, cannot easily find a market. And their materials are expensive. “I thought this could be a good way to raise funds and provide a market for ordinary artists like myself,” she says. “I also thought it would be nice to have community people involved in a St. Barnabas activity.” In the past 20 years, the Artshow has raised $23,000 for the church, with people coming from across the city to attend. Located prominently on the busiest part of the Danforth, in Greektown, the church is passed by hundreds of people daily. .... Artists pay a small table fee (originally $20 and now $30) to cover expenses; they receive 80 per cent of sales. St. Barnabas gets 20 per cent of sales, and also anything left over from the table fees. The show features up to 24 artists a year, with works selling for as little as $30 or as much as several thousand dollars. Since it began, the show has sold 813 paintings for a total of $98,470. Preparation for the show starts before the summer, when Ms. Reid sends an invitation to the artists, and intensifies in the fall, with promotion and advertising – which includes her husband climbing a tree to string up a promotional banner. Before the show, tables have to be set up for the artists’ work, and afterwards, revenue has to be counted and distributed. “I don’t know how I could count up the hours it takes, because I do it in fits and starts,” she says, adding: “There are rewards in volunteering. To have an idea and see it grow and blossom and bring forth results like these – that’s a reward in itself.” On top of this, for the past 23 years she has attended weekly choir practice and sung at the Sunday service. She also has an unofficial job with the choir, gathering up and washing the men’s robes. “They really aren’t good at it,” she confides. Although she retired from nursing nine years ago, she still works part-time, teaching art to adults. Asked how she finds time to do all she does, she remarks on her past experience, organizing a household with four children while holding down a full-time job. “It’s a discipline,” she says. “You just do it.”


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